The water in the drop, the drop in the water

I heard that said once.

The idea is this:

Begin with moist air.

It condenses into drops.

That fall from the sky.

Into the sea.

Which evaporates into

moist air.


Someone who suspects The Dream Child Hypothesis

will turn out to be true,

is suspected by some to say

that the water is of no value

in this lesson.

The idea that God

would love the one more than the other–

that God would love the drop more than the water,

or that God would love the water more than the drop–


it is an idea that’s been imputed upon those who advocate


By that, seeming to attribute the following words:

“If you believe in

The Dream Child Hypothesis,

then you believe in abortion

up to birth.

But that would say of me

that I don’t value or hold in awe

the water.



Who am I? A human being. And, maybe just as much an authority on that as anyone else.

But I have to keep a low profile here– because one of the subjects I address is abortion. So– well– you know.

There is a picture my sister keeps at her house of our mother as a baby. She is in the medicine lodge. She is surrounded by warm pelts. One even looks like a bear. And there is a fur hat on her head. I saw the medicine lodge as a child. My Grandmother took my sister there often to visit with the children who lived there, under the care of the medicine woman. And her mother had probably tried to treat the hundred fifty or so who died there from diseased blankets in starvation, after the civil war, as their lands were simultaneously “adversely possessed” in their homelands, away from which they had been enticed by a promised food allotment, North, at Big Sandy– which is where the medicine lodge was hidden in a forest at the top of a cliff along the Mississippi, near the trading lodge Thomas Jefferson had built to create the fur trade, so as to trade for the land there, and at the same time adversely possess “openly and notoriously, and continuously,” as now written into our modern law, the land they had left behind.

But I digress. You can learn more about me in The Dream Child Hypothesis.